Dual Celtic Dragons

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Digitized with Dragons - The Ancients panel by In The Beginning Fabric in mind.

There are several variations of this artwork on the internet and I could not find an original source.  It is likely this was taken from a historical artwork.

Attribution: Stitchables.org

License: Creative Commons, with attribution, share alike (CC BY-SA)

Formats Included: BQM, QLI, A&S, SVG

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Note: Files are shared AS IS and are shared to foster a community of free-to-use longarm digital designs. There's no support for these files, no help converting to your needed format, or any guarantee that the files are free of issues.

Technical Data

Pattern Type Panel, Digital
Default Size About 30" wide by 40" tall
Backtracking oh yeah, plenty
SPI 10+
Pattern Style Viking, Celtic, Dragons, Knots
There are many sections in this design. It is intended to be quilted horizontally. This was a first, learning attempt at such a big design and the sections touch in multiple places and aligning them can be tricky as you move from section to section quilting along. Take time to know where the next section will touch the already-quilted sections and make sure they align OR adjust them as needed. You likely will need to pin or nudge or modify the design to get it to line up cleanly. There was likely an easier way to do this -- I traded backtracking to minimize the number of threads needing to be buried.

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