Viking Stylized Dragon

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WARNING: This design is one you will need to take the components and build to your dimensions!  Use Art & Stitch, or similar, to connect the components.  This is due to the design having two sets of starts and stops, different end components, length needed varies by quilt, and thus software can't connect them automatically.

Design taken from a Viking picture stone in the Fornsalen Museum, Visby, Gotland, Sweden.  Other stones shown on Wikipedia here.  Ages range from 5th century to 12th century AD.


License: Creative Commons, with attribution, share alike (CC BY-SA)

Formats Included: BQM, QLI, A&S, SVG

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Note: Files are shared AS IS and are shared to foster a community of free-to-use longarm digital designs. There's no support for these files, no help converting to your needed format, or any guarantee that the files are free of issues.

Technical Data

Pattern Type Border
Default Size 4" tall
Backtracking Two tiny connectors
Tips SPI ? , needs at least 4"
Pattern Style Vikings, Dragons, Border

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